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MapQuest "Anthem"

Project Details

Client: MapQuest

Date: August 22-26, 2015

Online: hello.mapquest.com

Prod Co: ExposureLabs

Director: Daniel Goldhaber
Producer: Scott Lynch
Cinematographer: Drew Levin
MapQuest CMO: Brad Maglinger
Mapquest Producer: Nicole Emery
Assistant Director: Scott Lynch
Field Producer NYC: Isaac Sokol
Assistant Camera:
Pierre Habib
Luke Akelson
Carlos Valdes-Lora
Production Assistants:
Ellen Feldman
Alex Boll
Gaffer: Patrick Walter
DJ Lighting Tech: Tiberius Benson
Production Designer: Cory Fehrenbacher
Art Department PA: Sean Patrick Ryan
Makeup / Hair:
Cindy Cruz
Morgan Jordan
Editor: Daniel Goldhaber
Assistant Editor: Issac Sokol
Sound Design:
Luciano Vignola
Alex Boll
Isaac Sokol
Sound Mix: Luciano Vignola
Music: StaG
Color: Gene Curley @ Nice Shoes

For ExposureLabs:
Producer: Jeff Orlowski
Producer: Larissa Rhodes
Production Liason: Sierra Voss

This was one of those fun projects that literally came out of the blue. I had worked with Drew Levin on some of my music projects and he and Daniel Goldhaber had been commissioned to shoot a new ad for MapQuest as part of their new rebrand. The client needed to shoot the spot in Colorado and we needed to be shooting in just over a week.

So we locked in the creative, started scouting locations, found a cast, threw a party on a rooftop and scaled a 14k foot peak. The spot was shot over three days in Colorado and one day in New York City. We finished the spot on time and delivered it along with 30 and 15 second variations to a very happy client.

This was definately one of the more fun shoots I've had the pleasure of producing, we had great weather, a fantastic cast and good vibes all around.

Emmy Award for Achievement for Commercial - Single Spot:
Scott Lynch, Brad Maginger, Nicole Emery, Daniel Goldhaber, Drew Levin, Luciano Vignola

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